RIVVRS Heads Back to the Office in 'Don't Wanna Know' Exclusive


Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter RIVVRS takes a break from music in favor a regular 9-to-5 in the video for his latest single “Don’t Wanna Know,” exclusively premiering on Billboard today (July 11).

In a song that follows an admirable, H.R.-approved policy keeping your outside hobbies at home, RIVVRS (née Brandon Zahursky) embraces his comfort zone rather than conforming to anyone else’s rules or expectations. It harkens to a slower, simpler time in Zahursky’s career when he “used to work in an fice very similar to the one in the video” that apparently did not leave him with the best impression cubicle life.

The video, directed by Noah Applebaum, plays on a wealth drab fice conventions including ironic inspirational posters and cringe-worthy birthday celebrations. It marks the third collaboration between the singer and director, following “Ready to Begin” and “Don't Give Up On Me.”

“Any time I want a touch comedy, Noah is my guy,” RIVVRS tells Billboard. “When we went into the process for 'Don't Wanna Know' we wanted to tip the hat to one our favorite 90s comedies without being too literal.”

If the ties to the 1999 cult-classic Office Space weren’t apparent enough, the video ends with a satisfying, climactic dismemberment the company printer by the entire staff albeit one perfectly-cast Milton stand-in. Zahursky also hints at a “brief, unintentional cameo” in the video’s final outdoor shot, but leaves the identity as a mystery to be solved by viewers.

“Don’t Wanna Know” is taken from RIVVRS’ upcoming album Cosmic Dream, set for release on July 20.

Check out the video for “Don’t Wanna Know” below.