Rita Wilson Talks LGBTQ Equality in Entertainment: ‘You Have To Keep Putting The Message Out There’


Rita Wilson spoke with Billboard on the red carpet at the Concert for Love & Acceptance presented by GLAAD and Ty Herndon in Nashville on Thursday (June 6), where she discussed celebrating pride in Music City, how the entertainment industry can further improve on pushing equality, and where she sees LGBTQ rights going in the next 50 years.

Speaking of being at an event celebrating pride in Nashville, Wilson tells Billboard that she is honored to be in attendance. “The event is called 'The Concert for Love & Acceptance,' because at the end of the day, that's all we really have, right? We gotta love each other, we have to accept each other, whoever we are, and there's not a better message to be sending,” she says.

Wilson notes that she has a great deal of hope for the future, because she sees that her children’s generation is so much more accepting of people being who they are, versus how they identify.

Asked how the entertainment industry can further better itself in terms of pushing equality, Wilson replies that it is important to set an example, naming Ryan Murphy as someone who has done a great job with having parity when it comes to hiring and casting people.

“We have to just be conscious about hiring people that might not just be your typical candidate, and be open to hiring someone who is gay, queer, however they identify, trans,” she continues. “It's kind of a no-brainer.”

With this summer marking 50 years since Stonewall, Wilson is asked where she sees the next 50 years of pride and LGBTQ rights going. “I think that we can see that if we don't keep the message going, that we can forget,” she says. “I look at this as a civil rights issue, just like anything that came before it, and I feel like you have to keep putting the message out there about love and acceptance, because it can go backwards. We don't wanna lose any of that momentum.”

You can watch the full video interview with Rita Wilson above.