Rita Ora Claims She Faced Discrimination At Roc Nation For Being A Woman


Rita Ora has been in the game for a very long time, but until recently it seemed as though she wasn’t releasing much in the way actual music. Ten years after she signed with Jay Z’s label, Roc Nation, Rita has some theories as to why.

In an interview with the UK’s Sunday Times magazine, Rita feels as though her gender had something to do with her treatment at the label. “I want to find the right word here, and maybe this is my interpretation, but I do feel I got discriminated against because I was a woman,” said Rita. “I almost felt, maybe this is just my interpretation, I could have had a better chance if I’d been male.” 

Rita was originally signed to a five-record deal when he linked up with Roc Nation in 2008, but only ended up releasing a single project, her self titled debut album. Rita then sued the label in 2015, claiming that a revolving door executives and constant changes in direction led Rita to having no relationships with anyone at the company. Rita was then counter-sued by Roc Nation, before they reached an out–court settlement.  

Since then Rita has had much more freedom to pursue her career, and has been dropping new music at a steady pace, including an upcoming girl power anthem feature Cardi B, Charli XCX, and Bebe Rexha. 

As far as the discrimination is concerned, Rita doesn’t fer any more details. Both her and her former label will continue to go their separate ways.