Rising Star Dreamy Takes Listeners on a Personal Journey with his latest Single, ‘ Nervous.’


Rapper, singer, and songwriter Dreamy has released his latest single, “Nervous.” Dreamy is passionate about writing songs that give listeners seeking solace from their daily life an emotional connection. His distinctive fusion of catchy pop music and deep lyrics creates vivid portraits of his life experiences and transports listeners on a personal trip.

“Nervous” explores themes of smoking and speeding against a backdrop of doubt as it talks about the difficulties of wanting to leave everything behind and chase his aspirations. The song starts with a melodic guitar intro that resonates throughout the whole song. Dreamy’s rap delivery sounds quite natural with the percussive arrangements. Overall, this 2 min 14-sec track showcases the artist’s talent you will be bound to praise after listening.   

Dreamy is building a platform through his music that encourages listeners to find comfort in sound and discover hidden stories in their own life. His discography is expanding fast, and he will shortly release two new songs.

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