Rising Pop Duo Chapel Face the Realities of Losing ‘Friends’ in New Premiere


Chapel's newest tune "Friends" is the epitome of "you don't know what you've got until it's gone." The pop duo's singer Carter Hardin experienced that first-hand with his own buddies, and Chapel's video for the track brings his woes to life.

The visual, premiering on Billboard below, sees Hardin coping with the fact that none of his friends are interested in spending time with him. First singing the song during a picnic in the park with bandmate Kortney Grinwis (seemingly Cardin's only friend left), the two then hit a spa, where he sees Grinwis laughing with pals — and it really hits him that he's on his own.

"In your 20s, it's easy to get caught up in the ambitions you have for your life. I realized I was making excuses and bailing on a lot of people, not holding up my end of relationships," explains Hardin in a statement on the song's inspiration. "‘Friends’ is an apology, because at the end of the day, no dreams are worth having if you don’t have people there with you."

Luckily Hardin's realization helped him heal some of the friendships he hurt, and he and Grinwis even recruited another friend, Max Moore, to help create the video for "Friends." "He has such a great approach to directing and we have always had a great time working with him," Hardin adds. "We really wanted a simple, yet catchy video that really captured this new era of CHAPEL as well as the message behind the song."

“Friends” is the first taste of new music from Chapel since the duo released their debut EP, Sunday Brunch, in November 2017. They have more tunes in store, with a debut full-length set to arrive next year.

Learn from Hardin's mistakes and call up your buds after watching the "Friends" video below.