Rising Country Singer Taylor Edwards Conquers the 'Hard Feelings' of a Breakup in New Premiere


Also, get to know the California native with five quick facts about her singer-songwriter roots.

Country newcomer Taylor Edwards released her debut EP on May 18, an autobiographical collection titled No Hard Feelings that covers just about every stage in a relationship in only three songs. 

The titular track touches on the heartbreak side love, as Edwards says the song came out after “spilling my guts” to co-writers Nicolle Gaylon and Cameron Montgomery. Though “Hard Feelings” sparked from her own broken heart, the way Edwards ended up writing the upbeat tune actually resulted in some pretty powerful healing — which she wants to pass on to fans.

“I started broken, but left strong,” she says. “I hope when people jam to this song in their car they feel strong too.”

Edwards jams to the song in her car in the “Hard Feelings” video, as the true story the track — particularly the line “play every sad song from the 90’s all the way to Arkansas” — plays into the video's premise. With her dog Loretta in tow, the singer hopped in the car and drove eight hours to her family in Arkansas and filmed the video along the way, making the song's visual as realistic as its inspiration.

This is kind raw storytelling Edwards aims to continue as her career takes f, which the 24-year-old wanted to further display by sharing five facts about her musical and personal background with fans who have been with her since her YouTube beginnings and those just now finding her music. Watch Edwards' “Hard Feelings” and learn more about the rising star below.

I was born a California girl, but grew up in the sweet southern town  Bentonville, Arkansas. Some my earliest music memories are listening to country radio in the backseat my Dad’s car while he drove me to horseback riding lessons. (I’ve got a horseshoe tattoo on my right wrist — a ode to my first love show jumping!)

I’m a product the “internet kid” generation. I got my start in music by posting YouTube cover videos after I learned guitar at 15. I’ve been completely DIY-ing it since the beginning. That’s what makes the independent release “No Hard Feelings” so rewarding. I’ve had my fingerprint on every part this. 

I grew up on a healthy dose Dixie Chicks and Britney Spears. Both pushed boundaries in their respected genres and knew their lanes. I want to be an artist that does the same. I’m forever a fan the storytelling in a country lyric and also love an undeniable pop melody.  

My music is about real feelings. Real heartbreak. The things people don’t talk about. The unfinished side before the new day. I want to encourage people to feel and feel it ALL. I’ll never apologize for being honest. 

Songwriting is my favorite form therapy. I first write to process my own emotions, but nothing is better than realizing your emotions are also in line with someone else’s. I think as a songwriter and artist I have a responsibility to say the words others can’t. I love nothing more than being that voice.