Rising Aussie Singer Imbi the Girl Finds Their Peace in Intimate 'Swell' Watch


Emerging Australian bedroom-pop musician Imbi the Girl is in the process deep emotional catharsis. With “Swell,” the Sydney-based producer-singer’s third self-released single, Imbi the Girl -- who identifies as non-binary -- is drawing the curtain on their internal turmoil, and, in the process, hoping to assuage their looming worries for themselves and for their listeners.

“‘Swell’ was inspired by a feeling,” they tell Billboard. “It’s this wave tension and pressure in my chest that’s so powerful and potent it almost feels nauseating.”

The music video for “Swell,” directed by Gabriel Gasparinatos (out today, Aug. 9), aligns with the song’s warm, plaintive texture. The “Swell” video finds Imbi the Girl in pursuit their own peace -- twirling ribbon into a cat’s cradle, leafing through a paperback -- amid the largesse landscapes pastoral and otherwise. It dovetails with the ebbs and flows Imbi’s resolute chorus: “This feeling inside/Emotions will swell, emotions will tide.”

“Swell’s” aesthetic stylings bring to mind a vintage ViewMaster or a Super 8 reel, an intimate, shot-by-shot tour through the beachfronts and cityscapes in which the feeling, Imbi says, manifests itself most clearly. 

“Those simple moments solitude experienced while walking around in awe the beauty where I live, the peaceful moments experienced when delving into my favorite book, or the moments where I find myself struggling to piece together and untangle my thoughts and feelings," they explain. “I wanted all these moments to be represented in the clip and not too much more.”

Check out the full video for “Swell” below: