Rikers Island Inmate Granted $3.9 Million Settlement Following Brutal Attack


Jahmal Lightfoot, a former inmate at Rikers Island, has been granted a $3.9 million settlement with the city. It has been six years since Lightfoot was beaten by correctional ficers, which resulted in a broken nose and two fractured eye sockets. Since then, the erstwhile convict reveals how the pain that incident continues to linger in his mind. “When I see any police ficer or a person in a uniform in the street, I get nervous,” Lightfoot admits. 

The ex-convict had been awaiting a sentencing for a robbery he committed back in 2012 while imprisoned. However, Eliseo Perez Jr., a former Rikers Island employee, ordered an attack on Lightfoot in order to teach a lesson to the other inmates in response to a bout jail stabbings. 

Following the incident, Perez Jr., former Capt. Gerald Vaughn, alongside ficers David Rodriguez, Tobias Parker, Jose Parra and Alfred Rivera were found guilty their crimes in a Bronx court back in 2016. They have been charged with assaulting Lightfoot, as well as fabricating evidence that their victim was involved in a contraband scheme. 

Vaughn had reportedly told his co-conspirators that he wanted to see Lightfoot’s “teeth on the floor,” according to a trial testimony. 

“I want all the ficers — correction and police — to know they cannot beat on people and think you can get away with it, it’s not right . . . I could have lost my own life,” reveals Lightfoot. “I just want people to know there’s going to be consequences for ficers doing these things to people, and I hope this has an impact.”