Rihanna’s Jamaican Navy Are Trying To Steal Her From Barbados


Any major Rihanna fan is well aware that the singer is from Barbados and any Jamaican who’s also a fan would tell you otherwise since the country is seemingly trying to claim her as their own prized possession. As per the latest Twitter trend, #RihannaIsJamaican, Bajans are going up against a rowdy bunch of proud islanders who are doing everything in their power to convince people that the “Work” singer is really a Jamaican. 

“Jamaicans, you know, if we pretend like Rihanna is Jamaican, the world would believe us and there is nothing the Bajans can do about it. Let’s kidnap Rihanna’s nationality, y’all,” one Twitter user wrote, which sparked the whole debacle. From there, some of the most hilarious graphics were presented that showcased Rihanna on the Jamaican dollar bill and walking around the streets of St. Ann.

Some Jamaican fans even updated Rihanna’s Wikipedia page to make it seem as if her Jamaican nationality was a well-known fact from the jump. 

Even Jamaica’s KFC locations played into the trend when they photoshopped an image of Rihanna at the Portmore Mall location. 

Rihanna has yet to respond to the hilarious banter and we assume she’s having just as much fun as her fans are.