Rihanna’s A Leopard Lavender Queen In Sexy Savage x Fenty Lingerie Shoot


As we’ve noted many times before, Rihanna can seemingly do no wrong when it comes to her many successful business ventures as well as her beloved fashion get-ups. Ever since the “Needed Me” singer launched her Savage x Fenty lingerie line it seems as though her intimate photo shoots have become a fan favourite and she’s back again with more. 

Rihanna’s seen posing in a new leopard-patterned, lavender and lace two-piece panty and bra set, looking all kinds of fierce. The offerings became available at the top of the month and considering the brand’s popularity, it’s safe to assume the collection may already be sold out. 

While it can be hard to image Rihanna having a bad day, she previously opened up about ways she makes herself feel more confident on some down days and it all ties into being Savage. “My core is always gonna be there, you are gonna be you every single day of your life and nobody can take that from you. Whether it’s your sexiness or confidence, it’s gonna be there,” she said.

“I am a savage so everything I do is gonna be savage. Savage is not about looking sexy, it’s not about the product—it’s all about you. It’s all about how you feel. You cannot fake sexy, what you need to do is find it. Clear all that negative shit out, get to your sexy, and own it—that shit is yours.”