Rico Nasty Sets The Tone With Freshman Freestyle


If you didn’t already discern as much from her chosen ensemble, Rico Nasty came prepared to wreak havoc. With her face painted like Kratos out of God Of War, Rico takes to the mic with all intents on distinguishing herself from her peers. Today marks the arrival of her XXL Freshman Freestyle, following yesterday’s offering from YBN Cordae. “I ain’t that IG rapper model bitch that like to trap her lips,” she begins, issuing a warning that may very well be open to interpretation. “I’m the one that’s poppin’ shit / I apply the pressure while you be callin’ quits / and you know it’s 20 or better when I be walkin’ in.”

Rico Nasty Sets The Tone With  Freshman Freestyle

Rich Fury/Getty Images

For the most part, Rico opts to switch up from her traditional cadence, using her indoor voice with great efficacy. “Promised mama that I won’t fu*k with no fu*k n***a,” she spits. “Seem like they only pay attention to who butt bigger.” Though the acapella freestyles are largely viewed as an aperitif to the main event, it’s clear that Nasty is one of the frontrunners to take the unofficial crown once the cypher rolls around.  

Check out both her bars below, and sound off – do you think she’s about to solidify herself with the strongest verse thus far?