Rick Ross Urges Twitter To Suspend Baby Mother Tia Kemp's Account


Now that Rick Ross is out the hospital, he can go back to focusing on the joys life… and the draining elements as well as he fights with his baby mother Tia Kemp. Kemp and Rozay have not had the greatest history as Tia sued Ross for paternity back in 2007 before reaching a settlement in 2010. The mother Rick Ross’ child has had choice words for the rapper in the past, referring to him as an absentee parent and going on prane rants on her social media accounts about the situation. The Bawse appears to have had enough her tirades as he has ficially filed a motion to have her social media accounts suspended as well as to have her tweets about him and their child deleted.

The Blast wrote that Ross believes his baby’s mother is “’upset that he will not cede to her financial demands so that she can live f child support rather than obtain employment’ and is now ‘trying her case’ to the media through ‘a series vulgar tirades.'” Kemp has reportedly encouraged her social media followers to bombard Rozay with hateful messages in addition to posting several threatening or insulting tweets and Instagram posts. Ross is hoping that with the paperwork he has filed, everything will be sorted in a prompt manner so his name is not further tarnished.

One the tweets allegedly reads, “Couldn’t get you to call your son last month and wish him a happy birthday … How about you go call lil wills Orthodonist and Pay Dem People! His basketball tuition ain’t paid yet either, but you got Birdman (eggplant emoji) n ya mouth!” So much for limiting stress following his health scare… Read more here.