Rick Ross Tries To Sell You An Emergency Sock In Bizarre Shopping Network Spoof


You may not have known, but Rick Ross is hilarious. With the Port of Miami 2 release this past Friday, Rozay has been turning up everywhere to promote the album and he’s been livelier than ever. The latest showcasing of his sense of humor is the shopping network parody he shot at MTV Studios. In the five minute clip, Ross serves as the host of RICK RO$$ SELLS IT ALL, in which he pitches some ludicrous products.

The “Vegas Residency” rapper tries to sell you on an emergency sock, that is intended for house guests whose feet you wouldn’t want touching your marble floors. This product was inspired by his personal experience with a woman who wished to leave his bed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and Ross requested she hop there on one socked-foot, sparing her the difficulty of having to put on two whole socks. While this seems more like a problem that only The Boss would have, we admire the innovation and hustle. 

Check out the video below to witness Ross’ marketing skills. While you may not need a stash of single emergency socks, you can oblige Ross by streaming his album (or buying it in physical form, as he expresses his preference for several times in the clip).