Rick Ross Reveals Childhood Hustle Earned Him ‘Heavy Silicone’ Nickname


Atlanta, GA – Rick Ross has always been a firm believer in hustling. He makes a lot of his money through his music career, but his entrepreneurial gifts has had him raking in the dough for years.

During an appearance at the REVOLT Summit in Atlanta over the weekend, Rick Ross reflected on one of his early hustles cleaning cars for people in his neighborhood. According to Rozay, his car wash business brought in a lot of customers thanks to his conscientious approach and taught him the importance of customer service.

“My very first [hustle]… Well, I always go back to the car wash,” he said. “I was 13, I got $30 a day from 8 in the morning to 8 p.m. That’s when I just learned to go above and beyond from the big homies that brought their cars in.”


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Excellent customer service equals more money for a business, and Ross wouldn’t have his people not get the best he could give them. He treated customers so well they had a nickname for the future Maybach Music Group boss.

“You know, I’ll wash your car while you went in the flea market. They go buy Bally’s, they go buy Clarks, whatever it was they were doing. Shit, I’ll put gas in your shit, I’ll organize your cassette deck, anything. I got you. So they always wanted the fat boy that — they used to call me Heavy Silicone.”

Now that Rick Ross has acquired some wealth over the years, he’s enjoying every penny of it. Earlier this month, Rozay was a guest on REVOLT‘s new show Assets Over Liabilities and spoke about purchasing a $1 million home in Atlanta just to drive by it. The purchase may seem crazy, but Ross did it to see how far he’s come from those car washing days and embrace the full-circle moment.

“After I got my deal and my situation, I bought a million-dollar home maybe two minutes from here that I still own that’s right around the corner just so I can ride by it every day while I’m in Atlanta, and that’s what the play was,” Ross said.