Rick Ross Criticizes Miami Dolphins Owner: "He Ain’t Surprising Nobody"


There’s been a call for a boycott this week against Equinox as it was revealed that the chain’s owner, Stephen Ross, was hosting a fundraiser for Donald Trump. Ross also just happens to be the owner of the Miami Dolphins and runs a non-profit whose mission statement is steeped in racial equality, something Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills believes cannot co-exist.

“It’s not right,” Stills said. “Our country is in a rough place right now. I think there are other candidates he could support, but it’s not about Democrat or Republican. It’s about why are you trying to help this man raise money to continue to do the things he has been doing.” Following his criticisms of Ross, Stills shared that he’s received death threats.

TMZ caught up with one through-and-through Miami fan who has a few words to say about the Ross-Stills controversy. A cameraman for the publication ran into Rick Ross and asked him for his thoughts, and the rapper was brief but direct. “I never cared about Stephen Ross,” he said. “It’s been rough for me and the Dolphins for years.”

The Port of Miami 2 rapper added, “Stephen Ross, he ain’t surprising nobody. No black young kids in the community ever got invited to their football games. I’m a Dolphin ’cause of my loyalty to the city but to the front office? Nah.”