Rick Ross' Child Support Hearing Reportedly Cancelled Due To Hospitalization


Earlier today we reported that Rick Ross was hospitalized due to reports a bad case  pneumonia. Someone called 911 inside his Miami mansion at 3:30 AM Thursday morning after he was found “breathing heavy and unresponsive” where he was described to be “slobbing out the mouth.”

Not many more reports have come by way the rapper’s status since being in the hospital, but new reports from Bossip say his illness did mean his court case with his baby mama has been postponed. The publication says that Rick, born William Leonard Roberts, was set to meet Tia Kemp at Broward County Family Court for a mediation meeting. After the judge got word the rapper’s emergency, she agreed to cancel. 

Tia sued Rick in 2007 asking for a paternity test and child support. The court dates ended in 2013, but Tia re-opened it asking for more money from the rapper –  $20,000 from $2,800 to be exact. Tia reportedly claims their son needs counseling and needs to be enrolled in extracurricular activities and tutoring. Tia argued that Rick was making more money and needed to show it for his child. Rick responded saying he actually wasn’t making more money and Tia just needs to get a job. 

The publication reached out to Tia for a comment, but she declined saying she was on her way to the hospital.