Rick & Morty: The 10 Best Episodes


If you have never seen an episode Rick and Morty, you are truly missing out on one the greatest animated series all time.

Rick and Morty came through and crushed the animation game. Animated shows that have been a staple in the industry, such as The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park are brilliant in their own way, but Rick and Morty found a new narrative for creating entertaining storytelling. In the cartoon show, drunken scientist Rick reveals to his family that there are billions universes. Those infinite parallel universes feature a copy everybody living in their original universe. For example, if we were to envision our world in the narrative Rick and Morty, there are billions Drakes sprawled out across multiple universes. Each Drake is a little different from the next, maybe one has red hair, or another decided to stick to acting. With that in mind, the script makes murdering characters, introducing intricate plots twists, and jumping through time and space, a much more enriched and entertaining experience.

Did show creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon know they would strike gold with such a innovative idea for an adult cartoon? Probably not. None the less, Rick and Morty has become a staple for millennials as the next best cartoon series. The “Adult Swim” show features dozens upon dozens hilarious characters and amusing quotables. “Show me what you got,” has taken on a whole new meaning in modern culture based on a hilarious interstellar American Idol-esque episode. Last week, at an A$AP Ferg show, I met a young woman with Pickle Rick tattooed on her upper arm. Logic appeared on an episode the show to drop some multiverse bars on the audience. Run the Jewels even featured Rick and Morty in their “Oh Mama” music video. Obviously, the show is integrating with the culture.

Although the fourth season Rick and Morty may be in danger, there’s enough hilarious material to keep you repeatedly binge-watching the episodes that are readily available. Running back through every episode the groundbreaking animated series, here is a list our top ten favorite episodes Rick and Morty.