Rich The Kid’s "The World Is Yours 2" Album Shines A Light On Weird Flexology


The second installment in Rich the Kid’s The World Is Yours series is finally upon us, in the spirit of me-first empowerment that was put into focus all of last year, shoutout to Oprah. While Rich might appear to be a prolific artist, especially when the camera is drawn, his new album is in essense a sophomore effort, once the Rich Forever output is excluded from the pot. 

Numero Dos comes to us with more or less, the same amount of padding as its successor, with the additions Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla $ign, Miguel, Offset, Young Thug, Big Sean, and NBA Youngboy among others, serving to give the project a certain prestige it might have otherwise lacked.

There is a hope among Rich the Kid fans that he gives himself far more wiggle room on this installment, even though it’s readily apparent that masking one’s deficiencies is a skill all to itself, one he’s put to use at a masterful level. 

Rich the Kid isn’t fishing for compliments in an empty basin. The singles he issued before the album’s release served him well enough, to the point where our pockets are lined up with game coins, expecting more of the same. Don’t waste another minute, check out the new album right here, and hit us with your thoughts.