Rich the Kid's Social Media Accounts Gets Hacked, Demanded to Pay $750,000


Rich the Kid's social media activity has taken a turn for the worse. After initially posting an R.I.P. statement on his Instagram on Tuesday, Rich apologized on his IG story, claiming that he was under the influence when he published his post. "I'm not dead I was high as shit. I apologize to all my fans I love," read the story. Now, Rich's social media accounts have been hacked by a rapper named Young Navz.

Earlier in the day, Rich the Kid's Twitter was in shambles, as tweets taking jabs at Kanye West and Nicki Minaj surfaced. "Hey @kanyewest you really suck now," read one tweet. "Yo @NICKIMINAJ you need some hits call me." Young Navz later took credit for the shots fired and published a video boasting about his recent hack on Rich's page. "I hacked your ass, bro. I'm in your shit," said Navz.

Later, Young Navz demanded that Rich pay a hefty fee $750,000 in order to regain access to his social media accounts. "I need $750k for his page back," wrote Navz. On Wednesday (Aug. 1), Rich the Kid revealed that he was able to get his Twitter back but was still locked out his Instagram. "Got my Twitter back, Hacker’s still got my instagram," he wrote.  As press time, all Rich the Kid's posts from his Instagram were wiped clean.

Take a look at all the posts below: