Rich The Kid’s Rationale For Impregnating Tori Brixx: "She Badder Than Rihanna"


Rich The Kid never once insinuated that he was a learned individual. If anything, he’s stated the very opposite on countless occasions. His willingness to acknowledge his foibles is part of what has made him successful thus far in his career. By the looks of it, there’s ample reason to believe his “puck luck” has bled into his personal life as well. 

Nestled in between relentless digs at his parent labels (300 Entertainment and Interscope), Rich The Kid is flooding social media with praise for his lover/baby mother Tori Brixx – as though his decision to stick by her during his darkest moment is paying dividends, tenfold. 

Several hours ago, Rich uploaded a picture of the happy couple on Instagram. In the caption section of the post, Rich outlined a rather simplistic rationale as if he were starting up his own advice column. “She badder than Rihanna,” he opens with in didactic fashion. “Wife her up & make her baby momma, but don’t listen to me I’m jus rich n successful.” The latter clause casts a little shade on the doubters, with whom he’s sparred in the past (over the home invasion especially).

If you’ll recall, many of the so-called experts, The Game included, warned Rich The Kid that Tori Brixx was likely guilty of orchestrating a bait-and-switch maneuver – but he chose to refrain from the negative, and look where it’s got him. On the cusp of pure elation. Tori Brixx vs. Rihanna is a no contest, but the mere fact that Rich believes it to be true bodes well for the sanctity of their relationship. For that reason alone, he’s due a modicum of respect.

Rich The Kid's Rationale For Impregnating Tori Brixx: "She Badder Than Rihanna"

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images