Rich The Kid Hooks Up Disabled Fan With Weekend Pass At Lollapalooza


Lollapalooza has been going on Since Thursday, August 1st and fans have been excited about it all, to say the least. A video went viral recently of a group of kids storming the fence which blocks off the festival and as you can see, they all try to hop over it. Only one kid is taken in by security and as it turns out the, the young man had a prosthetic leg and is slightly disabled. There was no footage of what happened to him afterward but as it turns out, he was blessed by the kind heart of Rich The Kid.

In a recent post to Instagram, RTK posed next to the kid who has a huge smile on his face. Based on where the photo is taken, it looks like Rich was able to get the kid inside of the venue and even scored him a weekend pass. From being caught by security to getting hooked up with tickets from Rich The Kid is quite the come up so salute to the kid.

There is no telling whether or not the young man got to go backstage with Rich but regardless, this is an experience he will never forget.