Rich The Kid Furthers Lil Uzi Vert Beef By Trashing Him In Concert


In likely one the most one-sided beefs we’ve witnessed, Rich The Kid is still throwing shots at Lil Uzi Vert. Yesterday was a busy day for Uzi. With the rapper acting even more peculiar than usual, claiming to have his social media accounts hacked and “leaking” a new song, the Philly product also hopped on the ficial remix to G Herbo’s “Who Run It.” Whether or not Uzi is behind the unusual activity on his socials, he has not retaliated much in terms his clash with Rich The Kid. While RTK dropped an entire track aimed at Uzi in “Dead Friends,” Uzi Vert may have directed some lyrics from his “Who Run It” remix at Rich.

“Your shit weak, tryna compare us or somethin’/ What I made last week? Like a million or somethin’/ Rich, mad ’cause your bitch ate my kids or somethin’/ Man, I could fuck your wife like you sharin’ or somethin’,” raps Uzi on the track. Perhaps interpreting those lines as being aimed at him, Rich The Kid fired f more shots in concert yesterday, trashing the rapper to his fans. “F-ck that n—a Lil Uzi, man. Big boss sh-t,” yelled the rapper before heading into a live version his hit “Plug Walk.” Of course, the moment was captured on film for us all to inspect their intensifying beef.

The fight initially stemmed from Uzi refusing to sign under the Rich Forever umbrella, which RTK clearly took fense to. With not much being said on Uzi’s part, this clash has been decidedly one-sided with Rich pulling out all the stops to slander his rival. We’re unlikely to see a rebuttal from the “Money Longer” rapper as his socials have allegedly all been compromised.