Ricardo Montaner’s No. 1 Hits on the Hot Latin Songs Chart


Over the past four decades, Ricardo Montaner’s music has transcended generations, blessing fans with timeless hits such as “Me Va a Extrañar,” “Dejame Llorar” and “La Gloria de Dios.” 

Born Hector Eduardo Reglero Montaner, the Argentine-Venezuelan singer-songwriter, father of Mau & Ricky and Evaluna, has recently collaborated with urban masterminds including Tainy, J Balvin and Farruko to bring to life a new sound without interfering with his Latin pop essence. 

“¿Que vas a hacer?,” released earlier this year, for example, is a romantic ballad with flairs of urban beats produced by reggaeton producer Tainy. ​Montaner previously assured to Billboard that his new music stays rooted in his Latin pop rhythms but with modern sounds.

“I continue doing ballads, but the hints of pop or urban that Tainy adds to my new project gives my music the possibility to transcend to a new generation,” he said, stating that unlike before, his music is making the rounds in many contemporary radio stations. “That makes me very happy.”

As he continues to make the rounds with “Vasito de Agua,” featuring Farruko, Billboard celebrates Montaner’s career and birthday on Sept. 8 with four of his 38 total entries on Hot Latin Songs that reached No. 1.

Listen to the ‘90s bops below:

Title, Artist, Peak Position, Peak Date

“La Cima del Cielo,” Ricardo Montaner, No. 1, Jan. 27, 1990

“Castillo Azul,” Ricardo Montaner, No.1, Dec. 19, 1992

“Piel Adentro,” Ricardo Montaner, No.1, March 13, 1993

“Quisiera,” Ricardo Montaner, No. 1, Sept. 3, 1994