REZZ & 1788-L Get Real Weird on 'Hex': Listen


Grab your Doc Martens and get ready to stomp. REZZ and 1788-L just released a nasty “Hex” on the world, cursing you to dance in the st, red glow REZZ's sinister stare until you howl with delight.

“Hex” is industrial and eerie, exactly what REZZ fans have come to know and love from their space mom queen. 1788-L gives the tune even harder funk. It's one that creeps under the skin and lives in your brain for weeks. 

REZZ is wrapping work on her second album. She released a track list earlier this month alongside lead single “Witching Hour.” “Hex” is the first four collaborations to grace fans' ears. Jump into its gnarly clamor below.