Rexx Life Raj Connects With Kehlani for Woozy ‘Your Way’: Listen


Rexx Life Raj is heading toward the release of his anticipated Father Figure 3: Somewhere Out There album next week. Before crossing the finish line, the former Boise State University football player lets go of a final single in the tender "Your Way," featuring Kehlani, which premiered on Tuesday.

Raj croons about getting butterflies in his stomach when it comes to a certain love interest over the acoustic instrumental. "I’ve been trying to get out of the mode of being so attached to 'verse/chrous/hook' structure, and just kind of do what feels right. There’s a lot of people who just do what feels right and they’re not following the rules," he shared with HYPEBEAST. "My whole thing with music when I put it out, is I want it to have staying power. I want my shit to be around for a minute, so I’ll be really invested in my records."

Lani graces the track, assisting Raj in the background prior to starring center stage for a silky assist. "With your permission, I'd like to be what you're missing/ And when you talk I listen/ And watch your eyes glisten," she sings. 

Kehlani was spotted with Rexx in the studio over the summer back in July, which is when we infer the tune was born. The "Waiting for You" artist's upcoming album also feaures guest appearances from Russ, Bas, Jay Prince, Kenny Beats and Sango. 

Listen to "Your Way" below.