RetcH AKA Retchy P Has Officially Beat His Armed Robbery Case


RetcH AKA Retchy P has ficially beat his armed robbery case. Preliminary talks had him pegged for 10-20 years imprisonment, and at worst a colossal jail sentence 65 years. RetcH was resigned to facing the shorter end the sentence, but has somehow finessed his way out jail time altogether. In the Instagram post below, RetcH poses in front the courthouse, documents in hand, with his right hand flipping the bird squarely at Uncle Sam.

His 12 previous arrests initially worked against him, during opening statements. The outlook was bleak: His bail had been set at an astronomical $150,000, as his girlfriend remained at home pregnant with his child, with no extenuating circumstances being granted upon his hearing.

RetcH shared his exaltations with his Twitter and Instagram followers. His message read as follows:

“Remember that case they said I was ‘gon be doin 10-20 years for? I just beat that today at trial and the best part I ain’t tell on nobody. I was just facing 65 years if I lost. God is great I’m at a loss for words right now.”

Indications are that RetcH looks intent on regaining his momentum  two year’s prior. We wish him a proper and safe return to glory.