Report: G-Eazy Had 1.5 Grams of Cocaine in Pocket During Arrest


Authorities have released evidence from G-Eazy’s arrest for assault and cocaine possession in Sweden earlier this week. This includes a photo the bouncer he allegedly struck and the $100 bill that he reportedly used to snort cocaine.

The bouncer does not appear to have many major injuries, according to the image published by TMZ. Meanwhile, two bags containing 1.5 grams cocaine and a rolled up $100 bill were reportedly found in G-Eazy’s pocket, according to The Blast.

Sources are shedding new light on the incident. They claim G-Eazy and his security team were looking to stop a fan from taking pictures their VIP section. In the midst the fracas, they say Gerald punched the bouncer on accident. A video the arrest shows his girlfriend Halsey coming to his side.

Last year, paparazzi spotted the couple allegedly snorting cocaine on a boat. Eazy later seemed to confirm the rumors on “The Breakfast Club.”

“I don’t know. I was on a boat. Go figure,” he said, when asked about the reports. “I don’t know. It’s New Year’s Day. It’s Miami. I’m on a yacht. What do you think I’m doing? You think I’m smoking weed?”

According to TMZ, G-Eazy has been released from custody and is free to leave Sweden. He will reportedly have to pay around $9,000 in fines, plus restitution to the bouncer.

G-Eazy is on the European leg his “Endless Summer Tour,” which continues through June 5 in Dublin.

  • Report: G-Eazy Had 1.5 Grams  Cocaine in Pocket During Arrest