Remy Ma Weighs In On Drake & Dennis Graham’s Absentee Father "Discrepancies"


Perception is a strange thing, especially when it comes to recounting the past. Two people could have been together, encountering the same circumstances, yet they have vastly differing views on what occurred. That may be what’s happened between Drake and his dad Dennis Graham as recent comments have caused a bit of a stir between the father-son duo.

Earlier this month, Dennis shared with Nick Cannon that he’d spoken to his son about his rap lyrics that suggested Dennis may have been a tad neglectful when Drake was a youth. Dennis stated that Drake told him it sells records, insinuating that the Scorpion rapper may have fabricated his lyrics about his father. Drake, in turn, responded to the remarks, insisting that he never has lied about his past to increase album sales. State of the Culture tackled the topic on this week’s episode as they discussed whether or not mommy and daddy issues should stay private. Remy Ma weighed in with her opinion, implying that Drake’s fame may have clouded Dennis’s memories.

“This is my thing. When you become famous, and definitely as famous as Drake is, I could see how it could be a little problematic if I felt you wasn’t really in my life like that when I wasn’t who I am now,” she said. “And now, I see so much of you and I’m an adult. When you are there and you’re present being a parent, it can’t be argued. When you are not there, ’cause you never know what a kid could be. You could end up with somebody that’s as big as Drake. I don’t know the dynamics of their relationship. I don’t know how much the father really was there, wasn’t there. So the person that’s on the other side of this probably feels like f*cked up that they missed it. ‘Yo, why you say I missed 20 birthdays. I only missed five.'” Check out the clip, along with the full episode, below.

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