Remy Ma Has Visual Evidence That Will Destroy Brittney Taylor’s Claims


Recently, Love & Hip Hop star Brittney Taylor alleged that rapper Remy Ma had punched her. The claim was brought forth with a video along with a series of photos of Taylor’s black eye as proof of the matter. Since then, the reality television star has gone public with the affair and escalated the matter to the courts. And ever since, the two have been going at each other. New information on the ordeal came forth via TMZ and it may hint at a potential win on Remy Ma’s hand.

The 37-year old artist’s attorney, Dawn Florio told TMZ that Remy kept security cameras in her home. The stated fact would thus easily account for Remy’s claims of being home at 9:30 PM on April 16th, which is precisely the time Brittney Taylor affirms Ma punched her behind the scenes during a concert. Accordingly, Florio states the opposing counsel were “dumbfounded” upon the statement of such fact.

The home security footage thus has both Remy and her legal team confident that the legal motion set against her will be cleared. Moreover, no footage or proof from the Irving Plaza corroborates Taylor’s story, thus making it much less credible. Though Remy Ma did leave her house, according to Florio, she did not arrive at the Irving Plaza until 10:45 which was 15 minutes before she was to perform.