Remix of the Week: Karol G’s ‘Ocean’ With Jessie Reyez


Karol G has always been very honest with her fans, and her song “Ocean” reveals the deepest feelings she has for her boyfriend, the Puerto Rican trap singer Anuel AA. The songstress followed up with a surprise treat, a remix featuring Jessie Reyez.

The original version is an intimate song, with Karol recording her voice over the piano keys with an added ocean sound, keeping it as simple as possible.

“I was in Spain, in Tenerife, looking the ocean. I was thinking of the parallel between the ocean, the life and the music,” Karol G (born Carolina Giraldo Navarro) previously told Billboard. "The ocean is everything. It’s calm, but brave — it’s life.”

Now in the new version, Karol G keeps the same sound but Jessie Reyez twisted the lyrics by singing it in English. Both voices match perfectly and they keep the simplicity of the song.

Listen to “Ocean” remix below.