Remembering Chilean Folk Singer Victor Jara 45 Years After That His Murder


Soldiers crushed his hands to symbolically silence his guitar, then took him 44 times. They didn’t triumph in muting his songs or his or her message.

Victor Jara, was, in his words, a guy”who’ll perish singing the truths that are true.”

Jara was killed in Chile 45 years ago now on September 16, 1973. The 40-year-old folk singer was arrested following the coup that put dictator Augusto Pinochet in electricity, and, in addition to about five million university students, pressors, activists and many others had been attracted to Santiago’s Chile Stadium.

Soldiers crushed his hands, stepping on his palms and hammering them with the buttocks a weapon, to symbolically silence his guitar, then shot him 44 times.

They didn’t triumph in muting his songs or his message.

His tunes have been covered by many artists since his passing, and he’s a significant influence on musicians in Chile now, such as Ana Tijoux and Gepe. Bruce Springsteen staged Jara’s tune “-LRB-****************************************************)” throughout a 2013 concert at Santaigo.

An estimated 3,200 individuals were murdered and 28,000 tortured during Pinochet’s army rule, that ended 1990. The details Jara’s torture and death were shown by a Truth and Reconciliation Commission generated later this season from the new authorities Patricio Aylwin. But it wasn’t before July 2018 that eight former army ficers were sentenced to murdering Jara, to only 15 years each.

The scene where the artist had been murdered was renamed Victor Jara Stadium at 2004.  

In remembrance Victor Jara, this is his tune “-LRB-****************************************************),” published following his departure onto the 1974 album exactly the identical name.