Reign Disick Flipping Off The Paparazzi Goes Viral: Watch


Is Reign Disick taking after his father? The 4-year old was recently spotted flicking his middle finger at the paparazzi in Armenia. He was leaving the restaurant with the entire Kardashian family. Following Mason Disick, North West, Saint West, and Penelope Disick, Reign finished off the Kardashian train, held by a member of the family’s staff, as he was getting into his car, he looked straight into the camera, grinned and raised a middle finger.

The family was apparently in the country for a visit to meet the President, Armen Sarkissian. A lot of fans were not pleased with the kid’s move, claiming it was disrespectful. However, can we really blame a 4-year old child for reacting impulsively? It’s common tropes for children to swear behind their parents’ backs — but this is difficult if your family is constantly subjected to the public eye. It is also particularly difficult for children to be surrounded by cameras and snapshots everyday. Everyone thinks being a celebrity is fun, but these kids didn’t choose to be famous, they were born into it.

When the video went viral, people began using the captured image of Reign’s grinning with his middle finger up as a meme for jokingly expressing their frustrations with parents, employers, professors during exam week, or even politicians. Reign Disick became the coolest Kardashian after this move, according to the fans who did not take the action too seriously. Some even suggested to vote for him as the Best Reality TV Star in 2019.