Reebok Classic Launches New Sneaker Collab With Noted Graffiti Artists


Reebok Classic has today launched the next iteration its Always Classic Spring/Summer 2018 campaign, featuring renowned graffiti artists Sany and Felipe Pantone to showcase what it means to be a classic with the Montana Cans Club C, Classic Leather and Workout sneakers.

Reebok worked with Montana Cans, the renowned German manufacturer one the world’s best spray paints, to bring a fresh look to the Club C as well as the Classic Leather and Workout Plus. Each colorway is inspired by Montana Cans colors, with intricate details such as the color number that is featured on each can replicated on the insole each shoe.

Per Reebok,

The Reebok Classic Montana Cans collection is available for purchase today where the Club C will retail for $80, while the Workout and the Classic Leather are going for $85 a piece.