Redman's "Muddy Waters 2" Is Executive Produced By Erick Sermon


The days “React” are long gone but the legend Redman and Erick Sermon continues to flourish. Fans already know that the musical union Sermon and Reggie Noble has contributed to myriad bangers across the years, but the chemistry goes beyond that; together, they have linked up for five Redman’s albums, playing a key contributor to that iconic Doc sound. Erick Sermon actually took a break from working on his crowd-sourced album to talk shop with The Cipher Show, where the topic Red’s recently announced Muddy Waters 2 proved a hot commodity.

Recall that Erick Sermon previously executive produced the album’s predecessor, Muddy Waters. Therefore, it seems only natural that E Double would return for the sequel. At the interview’s thirty-eight minute mark, Sermon opens up about working with Red, saying “To me, Muddy Waters Too will be classic Redman, because it will be done by me. For the last three or something LPs, it wasn’t done by me. There’s nothing wrong with that; people stay apart. Dre only did one record on Snoop.”

He continues, saying “sometimes you get to a point where…I happened to do Whut The Album, Muddy Waters, Dare Iz A Darkside, Doc’s Da Name, Red gone Wild… I did five albums. People don’t work that long. I don’t think Missy  and Timbaland broke away too before they came back. For you to do five albums with somebody in your crew, it doesn’t happen all the time.” 

Here’s hoping that the duo can capture some that lightning in a bottle. Muddy Waters Too is set to drop later this year. Peep the interview below,  The Cipher show.”