Redman Stands By Roc Nation’s NFL Deal & Says "Jay-Z Has Never Really Made A Bad Move"


The Roc Nation-NFL partnership continues to ruffle feathers in the industry, but Redman is all for Jay-Z’s business moves. Many have criticized the hip hop mogul for cozying up to the league, especially following their controversial take on the kneeling protest propagated by Colin Kaepernick. However, others feel that Jay is taking the protests from the streets to the boardroom, and Reggie told Variety that he can’t wait to see how his good friend handles this situation.

“Being from the same umbrella as Jay-Z, I’m not political, but I’m sure whatever he’s going to do with the NFL, he’s going to branch out and open more doors for other players and for us to get a better understanding of the NFL,” Redman told the publication. He doesn’t believe that Jay-Z, with how active he’s been in supporting Kaepernick’s protest and Black Lives Matter, wouldn’t use the opportunity to let his and others voices be heard.

Redman Stands By Roc Nation's NFL Deal & Says "Jay-Z Has Never Really Made A Bad Move"
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

“Come on, Jay-Z is smart, my dude,” Redman added. “I don’t really know the details of why he’s doing it, but Jay-Z has never really made a bad move during his career, so I’m sure whatever he’s doing with the NFL right now will make sense in the end, if we can just wait and hear what he’s got to say about it instead of just judging from the beginning. So I’m waiting to hear what the man has got to say and I’m waiting to hear and see the execution of his plans and then I can make my decision on that.”