Redman Announces New Album "Muddy Waters Too"


It’s important that we respect the legends the game. Especially when they still have gas in the tank. Veterans like Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Big Boi, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Juicy J, 2 Chainz more have been delivering dope music well into their forties; evidently, hip-hop is not as much a young man’s game as it might initially appear. While the OGs are meant to guide the newcomers through wisdom and experience, it never hurts to lead by example. Such is life for Redman, one the genre’s quintessential lyricists. While his Muddy Waters sequel has long been speculated, Redman has ficially come through with a confirmation. 

“WUZZZAAAAAPPPPP,” he writes, like a Budweiser commercial circa two-thousand. “THE BEGINNING !! NO TALKN !!” Attached, Red delivers what looks like an album cover; the artwork is on the minimalistic side, which breaks the patten his usual norm. Still, there’s a strong chance this isn’t the actual cover, as Red generally gets pretty creative with it. Not to mention the whole “coming soon” in brackets kind gives it away.

As fans might already know, Redman has been hard at work. Over the past year, he’s been teasing new music Instagram, including a batch  seven beats from 9th Wonder. Unfortunately, the bulk the snippets have been removed from IG, but you can still catch some the vibes. While we have yet to receive a release date, why not remind yourself what Red is capable ?