Red Velvet’s Irene Teams Up With Raiden for ‘The Only’: Listen


Irene of Red Velvet is the featured singer on Raiden’s new song “The Only,” released Friday (Aug. 2). 

“The Only” is a vibrant, romantic electro-pop track that starts off with a lilting piano melody accompanied by Irene’s sweet tone before additional instrumental elements, soaring synths and a snapping beat are added to propel the dance track toward its propulsive drops.

The upbeat song is the first release from DJ-producer Raiden since he signed an exclusive contract with Korean company SM Entertainment, which also houses Red Velvet.

A series of associated videos, including a short clip of Irene recording the song and a teaser clip for an upcoming music video, were shared in collaboration with the song itself, which is now available on digital music platforms.

Take a listen to Raiden’s “The Only” featuring Irene of Red Velvet below.