Red Velvet Celebrates New Mini Album With Showcase in Seoul


A showcase in celebration of Red Velvet's new mini album The ReVe Festival Day 1 was held at Blue Square I’Market Hall, Yongsan-gu in Seoul, South Korea on June 19.

Red Velvet gave a live performance of the album’s title track "Zimzalabim," and talked about their long-awaited comeback, sharing stories of the behind the scenes, and plans for future activities.

Irene started by saying, "After wrapping up [5th EP] RBB, we have been on tour in Japan and America, and worked hard on our new album." 

Red Velvet put on energetic performances that matched the dramatic development of "Zimzalabim," and the stage was reminiscent of a spectacular amusement park and parade. "Zimzalabim," which means "Abracadabra," is an electropop song with rhythmic drum beats and catchy synths. It was written by Caesar & Loui, who also wrote the group's "Red Flavor."

Seulgi also spoke about the track, saying, “The song is very has an EDM-like quality, yet it is also quite static when we sing the 'Zimzalabim' part.” She added, “The choreography requires a lot of energy compared to [other songs].” 

The members of Red Velvet, who wore colorful costumes, also shared some of the challenges surrounding the new release. Joy said, "If I say, it is not a big deal, then that is a lie. We are always worried about how to successfully pull off new concepts.” Wendy added, “I was worried at first, but now I am proud to see us develop by exploring various genres.”

Lee Soo-man, chairman of SM Entertainment, was heavily involved in selecting the title song. It is said that he believes Red Velvet will have no problem with the unconventional concept of "Zimzalabim," as Joy explained, "I think he was confident that we would be able to pull off 'Zimzalabim' because we have managed numerous concepts in the past.”

Red Velvet also shared their future plans regarding the "Day 1" portion of the album's title. Irene said, "We intend to do more activities this year. Day 1, Day 2 and the Finale are all planned for this year." Indeed, The Reve Festival is a trilogy project, and each segment is expected to explore various concepts.

Continuing with the comeback activities, Red Velvet will also appear on KBS2TV's Music Bank show on Friday (June 21).