"Red Table Talk" Gives Powerful Advice On Solving Relationship Conflict


The web-TV talk show Red Table Talk led by Jada Pinkett Smith has set the standard for open conversations broadcasted on a public platform. We have previously coupled the best episodes from the series along with the lessons which were harbored their raw and unfiltered talks. The latter has easily made the show a hit and Pinkett Smith continues to provide viewers expose with great content. Relatedly, in a teaser for the latest episode, serious gems about solving conflicts in relationships were given. 

The advice came from a former monk by the name of Jay Shetty, who discussed the importance of perception when it comes to dealing with relationship conflicts. Shetty can be heard via the Instagram snippet video shared by Pinkett, proclaiming: “You have to realize this. When we are fighting, when we are getting there, it’s not me vs. you, it’s us vs. the problem.” The comment resulted in echoes of agreements from the entire table talk cast which included Shetty’s wife as a special guest. Moreover, Jada captioned the shared moment with the following: “The former monk @JayShetty drops serious gems today at the Red Table. This was one of my favorite gems which is that when a couple is experiencing tension because of a problem we have to remember it’s the couple against the problem. NOT the couple against one another because of the problem🙌🏽 Streaming now!!!!! @RedTableTalk #RedTableTalk.”