Rebecca & Fiona Share Two Different Versions of 'Different' From 'Art of Being a Girl': Premiere


Rebecca & Fiona's upcoming album is called Art Being a Girl, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for a boy to be part the art, too.

With the Swedish duo's third album due out Sept. 7, it's released two different versions the track "Different" — one with up-and-coming Jamaican reggae singer Marcy Chin, another with Iraqi-born, Swedish rapper Parham, who's also Fiona FitzPatrick's boyfriend. The latter, in fact, was recorded first, with Parham providing a guide vocal for an eventual female collaborator. "But it was so good, and we really fell in love with it," FitzPatrick tells Billboard. "We still saw the song with a female, but (Parham's version) started to mean a lot to us.

"Then we figured the song is called 'Different,' so let's have two different versions."

FitzPatrick says she and Rebecca Scheja haven't yet determined if the Parham track will also be on the album, but the duo is also hoping to make videos either for each version the song or as a combined effort incorporating both performers.

Meanwhile, Art Being a Girl comes after a dramatic period for Rebecca & Fiona, which won Swedish Grammy Awards for each its first two albums. The project was three years in the making, starting with collaborations with "a lot people who were very, very expensive who we couldn't afford," according to FitzPatrick, and who weren't coming up with what the two wanted. "I felt like my ideas were not being taken seriously," she says. So they decided to leave their label and produce themselves (along with Nibla), creating what FitzPatrick calls "a love letter between the two us."

"We like to write love stories, but about friendship because we think the relationship between girlfriends is ten described in the wrong way," she explains. "We really want to show that a love relationship can be between two girlfriends and doesn’t have to be dramatic and complicated and problematic. If you have a best friend who is really, really good it can be a key to success in life. The music industry really sets women up to compete with each other instead being collaborative. We really want to break that system because it's part the patriarchal structure.

"So we decided to try to find the power ourselves, again. We were like, 'We can do this.' We produced the first and second albums ourselves, so we had to really dig deep to find that again."

Rebecca & Fiona are currently putting the final touches on Art Being a Girl. Tour plans are currently in formation as well.