Reason Talks "Dreamers 3" Ruthless Cutting Process & Reveals Favorite Verse


Top Dawg & some Dreamers, can’t believe it, we surprise-prised. By now, you’ve likely heard “Lambo Truck,” which finds Cozz and Reason waxing poetic about robbing J. Cole. The product of Revenge Of The Dreamers 3, the single served as the album’s third track, emerging as a highlight for many. Now, Reason took to Twitter to open up about his experience at the legendary sessions. “It’s real weird when the top men walk in,” he reflects. “When T.I, when Ross walk in. When Wale walk in. Shit like that. It’s weird, you got n***as in these studio sessions with 2,000 followers, legitimately working with n***as that got three million followers.” He laughs, rubbing his growing-beard. “I was in there working. This ‘divorce look’ l got here, this was my shit I was on.”

Reason Talks "Dreamers 3" Ruthless Cutting Process & Reveals Favorite Verse

Image via HNHH

When asked how a rapper might find their way on a given track, Reason sheds some light on his experience. “To be honest, that was the dopest part of competitive nature,” he explains. “A beat would go on, and honestly, the first n***a that finish a verse get the verse. It still gotta be quality.” When asked if he ever had a verse taken off, he claims he hasn’t – at least, not to his knowledge. 

And while the final album only featured a single Reason contribution, the man clearly used his time wisely, emerging from the Dreamers 3 sessions with heat in the stash. “Me and Wale did two joints,” he reveals. “I did a lot of records, bro. I probably never rapped that much in a short period of time.” One of his crew asks which rapper went on to steal the show, prompting Reason to show some love to the big homie Bas. “Probably Bas, on this record [“Down Bad”]. Bas came on, on this record that was all Dreamville n***as. Bas came on this bitch snapping. That’s the energy it was on. Just competitive. You had to show up with shit…there’s gon’ be some n***as that were there for ten days who not on the project.”

He doubles down, emphasizing the high bar for quality. “Most n***as that was there for ten days not going to be on the project!” he says. A woman asks him what he might have done, had he been excluded from the final cut. For Reason, the answer is simple: “diss records might fly.”