R&B Artist NAKAYA Abandons Bygone Love for 'Something More' in New Premiere


“I want to just love you and hold you, call you my own/ But without a choice, I promise to let you be alone,” NAKAYA stly confesses on her single “Something More,” which debuted in February.

In the track’s new video, premiering today (July 19) on Billboard, the self-taught vocalist and queer woman color conjures up a transfixing blend R&B, electronica and ambient alternative to find new remedies to the age-old affliction unrequited love.

“It’s about the feelings that come with desperately wanting a person who may not want you,” she says. “In writing the song, I understood clearly that it was important for me to let that person go, to give them and myself the space and recognize that it simply was not meant to be. It's really about the beauty in letting go.”

Directed by Peter Pascucci in collaboration with the singer, the clip pieces together 16mm film showing the artist treading through the strenuous emotional catch-and-release cutting ties from a love that never was. Wandering into a vacant cabin in the woods, the singer is suddenly consumed in red cloth, coming out the other side bathed in green, embodying the song's message transformation and growth.

“The video] follows a woman walking into eerie territory, finding beauty but also chaos in the space and exorcising those feelings confusion and fear eventually lead her towards her own light,” she says. “We wanted to create something beautiful and abstract to expand a very simple topic in an organic form.”

Originally from Los Angeles, NAKAYA graduated from the Clive Davis Institute at New York University, also home to rising folk-pop artist Maggie Rogers.

Watch the mystical video for “Something More” below: