Raz B’s Girlfriend’s Alleged Strangulation Injury Photos Surface: Report


B2K member Raz B has had an interesting last few months, and unfortunately, much of it hasn’t been positive. Fans were excited when it was announced that B2K would be reuniting and hitting the road for their Millenium Tour, but since the beginning, Raz B has been a focus of controversy. Early on he uploaded a video to social media claiming that he’d quit the tour because Chris Stokes was reportedly backstage, something that made him uncomfortable after years of accusing the producer of prior sexual abuse.

He rejoined the tour the following day but continued to draw attention over a series of strange videos, including one where he angrily accused a woman of stealing his glasses. Later, news broke that the singer had been arrested on charges of strangulation with police claiming that Raz attacked her outside of a Macy’s store in Minneapolis, Minnesota. TMZ reports the police say the singer stared at his girlfriend “with intense eyes and a clenched jaw while trying to get her attention” in an apparent attempt to intimidate her.

Raz B's Girlfriend's Alleged Strangulation Injury Photos Surface: Report
Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

The publication has obtained the photos of the woman’s injuries showing the redness around her neck from the alleged incident. According to the police report, a witness claims to have seen the altercation, telling officers Raz strangled his girlfriend and dragged her into a parking area. You can view her alleged injuries here.

Raz was arrested, but prosecutors decided not to press charges against the B2K singer citing insufficient evidence, however, it’s believed that the future Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star’s girlfriend refused to speak with authorities. Meanwhile, Raz is reportedly taking a break from the Millenium Tour and will return after a brief hiatus.