Ray J Praises Kanye West's Talent Despite Their Issues


The beef between Ray J and Kanye West can easily be traced to Kim Kardashian. Seeing as she made a sex tape with one the gentlemen and popped out several children from the other, there’s been some tension between the two especially after ‘Ye’s video for “Famous.” Kanye has barely responded to Ray J but every so ten, Ray J will throw a shot at him. After Daz Dillinger threatened to beat up Kanye West, Ray J added that he wanted in on the plans. Despite this, he’s still a heavy Kanye West fan.

Ray J joined Pigeons & Planes for the latest episode “Delete Your History.” He was asked to discuss some his previous tweets which included why he believes 2Pac is top five dead or alive and course, Kanye West. They brought up one his old tweets that read, “Kanye West is the modern day Quincy Jones!! I’m listening to the album on the way to Palm Springs! Incredible!” It’s a massive praise for someone he’s had known tension with in his past. Despite this, he owned up to the tweet and said that it’s like one his favorite albums all time, Watch The Throne.

“I was probably listening to Watch The Throne ’cause that’s one my favorite albums. Like, Jesus Christ!” He said. “From top to bottom, I would listen to it over and over and over for like days and days. I go to the gym and I put in at least another hour with that album on.”

However, the selling point for him on Kanye’s brilliance was when he saw Jay-Z and Kanye perform the album on tour together. 

“It was crazy. Much respect to them. I don’t care what was done or said or all that, talent is talent. You great, it is what it is, fam.” He said. “That shit was great. Super talented brotha, super talented, hands down. The song he did with my sister too was crazy. I don’t think it got the recognition it could but that joint was crazy too.”

Peep the video below.