Raquel Kiaraa Releases New Album “Defying Odds”


Raquel Kiaraa’s new album, “Defying Odds,” is out now. This album has a deep significance and is a collection of Raquel’s most unique and charismatic songs. Raquel is asserting her authority in it, enjoying the beauty of not only giving birth to a kid but also bringing attention to herself, her strength, and her musical ambitions. Raquel, strong and powerful, demonstrates that she will persevere in the face of adversity as she progresses through her pregnancy and prepares to become a mother for the second time. The album’s title alludes to women’s ability to change the status quo.

Her new songs are full of deep emotions and personal experiences, and they are as pure and honest as they have always been. Every moment of every song on this album is imbued with Raquel’s sincerity.

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