Raptors Courtside Seats For The NBA Finals Are Going For $60,000


Thursday night will be the biggest game in Toronto Raptors history as they play Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors. Fans in Toronto are chomping at the bit to see the game live and get a real sense of the atmosphere inside the arena. As you would imagine, tickets have already completely sold out which means if you want to go to the game, you’ll have to hit up the resale market and cop tickets on websites like StubHub.

As of right now, the cheapest tickets cost just over $500 and yesterday, we reported that the average ticket was being sold for $5000. If you want to sit courtside though, that’s when you’ll really be breaking the bank. On StubHub, you can only cop two tickets or more at a time, with the cheapest courtside bundles starting at around $9000. Some people are selling their seats for as much as $60,000.

While the Raptors playoff run is historic, it isn’t historic enough to be paying five figures for some tickets. At the end of the day, there are much better things you could be spending your money on, but if you love the Raptors that much, there really is no one who could stop you.

If you do decide to pay that much though, just pray that the Raptors actually win.