Rapper Vico C Rushed to the Hospital After Several Seizures


Puerto Rican rapper Vico C has been hospitalized after suffering seizures following a concert in Peñuelas, Puerto Rico.

Vico C (real name: Luis Armando Lozada Cruz) was rushed to the San Cristobal hospital in Ponce, PR, on Sunday morning by his relatives. The doctors kept the singer in an induced coma for approximately 24 hours while doing several tests to find the cause of the seizures that landed him in the hospital.

Vico’s wife, Sonia Torres, explained in a press release: “After several seizures, the doctors decided to induce coma to avoid damage to his organs. But today we woke up with the good news that he will be out of the intensive care unit.”

According to the same press release, the doctors found out that the 47-year-old singer had an allergic reaction to a pain medication.

Vico C and his wife were celebrating 23 years of marriage the day of the incident.



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