Randy Rainbow Declares Trump Is Not the ‘Chosen One’ in New ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Parody


Even though he's almost always making headlines, President Donald Trump garnered some special attention last week when he tweeted about a political pundit referring to him as the "King of Israel," and when he looked up to the sky and said "I am the chosen one."

Naturally, the Internet's favorite musical satirist Randy Rainbow decided to take a closer look at those comments. On Thursday (August 29), Rainbow released a new parody song, aptly titled "Cheeto Christ Stupid-Tzar." The new song is a medley of sorts, taking three different songs from Andrew Lloyd Weber's hit musical Jesus Christ Superstar, and using them to mock the president's latest public comments. 

He opens the video, as always, interviewing Trump, and quickly transitions into a rendition of "King Herod's Song." In the original, Herod mocks and goads Jesus before sending him back to be crucified. Rainbow modifies the lyrics to beg Trump to stop and "take a vacay," before crowning him the "King of Fake News."

Rainbow then dons his best Mary Magdalene outfit to offer his own rendition of "Everything's Alright." While the original sees Magdalene trying to keep Jesus calm while bathing his feet, Rainbow's version instead sees him shaming Trump's near-constant deceits, claiming "Everything you says is bullshit, yes, everything's lies."

Finally, using his own version of the musical's titular song, Rainbow appears dressed as Jesus, continuing his hilarious roasting of the president, calling him "Cheeto Christ" ("He's like if Jesus were pumpkin-spiced," he adds). The newly-robed Rainbow tackles as much recent news as he can, including the president's comments about using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes, before closing the video with an easy question: "Who in the hell do you think you are?" He plays a clip of the President saying "God," to which he simply responds "Clearly."

Watch the full video for "Cheeto Christ Stupid-Czar" below: