Ramsey’s “See You Bleed” Makes Dark Electronica Sexy Again


By Jessica Helen Brant

LA-based singer songwriter Ramsey may appear willowy, delicate and a touch strange in the barrage promotional photos blowing up your favorite music blogs and social media sites, but don’t let that fool you. Ramsey ain’t nobody to mess with. The 21-year-old rising siren, who flaunts writing and producing all her own work on her resume, began releasing her songs on Soundcloud a year ago. Over a period four months, Ramsey gathered over 2 million plays. Detailing her genre as “dark experimental electronic pop,” Ramsey is currently embarked on a West Coast teaser tour the release her long-awaited debut EP playing Soundcloud hits such as “See You Bleed” and her latest single, “Love Surrounds You.”

The tempo “Love Surrounds You” is led by Ramsey’s breathy vocals as she snakes in and out the electronic spine the song. Occult-like and mesmerizing is the only way to describe the track. Almost nefarious in her delivery, Ramsey summons forth the sky deities the night and the nocturnal forces that be, presenting the physicality love through moments frozen in time, moments that are so wrong they don’t have to be right. In her voice there is a howling sadness that dangles on the edge desire, the edge actualization, which, until quenched, remains but a waning fantasy. That is the agony love, my friends.  If “Love Surrounds You” doesn’t make you want to call your boo, the one that got away, or even the one that tried to stay for a late-night bone session (candles, oils and altar optional but highly recommended), than I guess you and I aren’t speaking the same language.