"Rampage" Release Date Moved Up In Response To "Avengers"


Once a wrestling star, now a film star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been popping up more and more on screens recently. He’s currently one the stars in the upcoming adaptation the 80’s arcade game, Rampage. The sci-fi monster film stays in line with the video game’s concept and follows the chaos resulting from giant monsters running amok. Originally slated for April 20th, the film has been moved up and is now being released on April 13th.

The move is seen as a strategic one, stemming from Avengers: Infinity War moving up a week as well. When Robert Downey Jr. took to Twitter to ask to see the Marvel film earlier, the superhero franchise announced they will be moving up their release day to April 27th. It’s believed that the intention is to have the world see it at the same time. With only a week between the Avengers film and Rampage, the latter decided to change its date to allow more time for viewers to experience their movie.

On Instagram, Johnson made the announcement with a humorous post. “Alert: THE RAMPAGE is ficially unleashed around world APRIL 13th. Of course it had nothing to do with Tony Stark and his Avenger gang moving their release date up a week,” he wrote with the inclusion a siren and winky emoji. He also showed his gratitude for the change, mentioning that he’s now able to make it home in time to experience the birth his baby daughter. You can now experience Rampage on April 13th.